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Some PDF to Text Converter 2.0

Batch-conversion tool to transform your PDF documents into editable text files
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Converting PDF documents into plain ASCII files is not always an easy or rewarding task. Some PDF files are nothing but scanned images of the original pages, while others combine all kinds of illustrations, columns, titles, and text boxes in the most creative way. Some PDF to Txt Converter tries to extract as much text as possible from those PDF files and to present it in a way that you can read and re-use.

Regrettably, as it does not come with any OCR capability, this program will not be able to read text that has been converted or scanned into an image. However, when the original PDF documents have been created using other text-based files (Microsoft Word, for instance), the rate of success increases dramatically. Some PDF to Txt Converter will even try to reproduce – subject to the obvious limitations of a TXT file – the layout of the original PDF.

The program does support batch conversion, allowing you to create long conversion lists with as many PDF files as needed. The conversion process itself accepts some level of customization – you can convert full documents, selected page ranges, or even fragments; you can choose between TXT and HTML for the output, and you can extract the text of password-protected PDFs (as long as you know the password, of course).

The program is simple and its straightforward functionality produces decent results considering the difficulties. Being a free tool, nothing prevents you from giving it a try and see for yourself.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Converts any number of PDF files into ASCII files in one single operation
  • Output files allow for some level of customization


  • Lack of information about the conversion progress
  • No OCR capabilities
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